Live Blood Analysis

What is Live Blood Analysis?

Clean blood facilitates the delivery of nutrients and the removal of waste at the cellular level thereby preventing illness and enhancing wellness. Most of us are experiencing less than ideal health in our families and desire more physical and mental energy. Indications related to the causes of health imbalances are clearly demonstrated when analyzing the blood allowing one to objectively see the truth about the health of our cells. Often people are anxious about knowing their true state of health because it means making diet and lifestyle changes. If you are ready to support change for the better, this is for you.

What is Darkfield Microscopy?

The science of Darkfield Microscopy equips a Darkfield Microscopist to analyze blood at the cellular level to help an individual understand the impact of the four primary causes of health imbalances; chemicals, radiation, diet, and emotions. Special attention is given to understanding the consequences of making less than ideal food choices which highlights areas of incomplete digestion, improper assimilation, and inadequate nutrients at the cellular level revealing both past and present nutritional deficiencies.

Why is it called live blood analysis?

Conventional blood tests require killing the blood through observation processes. In a darkfield, the blood is stained with light frequencies which allows the blood to remain alive and active, thereby giving much greater insight into the relative health of the blood cells and the whole organism. A video cam is used along with a specialized darkfield microscope and a high intensity illuminator which allows the blood image to be projected onto a color TV screen. This facilitates the knowledge exchange between the microscopist and the client allowing for a thorough understanding of the indicators present in the blood. An ultra-fine lancet is used on the tip of the index finger to draw one drop of blood. The entire process is very safe.

We Are What Our Food Eats!

Food quality is directly related to the health of the soil. We see our farm as a whole living system, where plants, livestock and people work together to build and maintain soil fertility, and good water quality. Through a careful program of crop rotation, composting & cover crops we are farming for future generations. All our products are produced with a focus on organic methods and animal welfare. We became certified organic in 2001 through Global Organic Alliance. The point of this is to increase biological diversity, improve nutrient content of foods, develop strong plants and animals that thrive without added chemicals and to develop a food system that help small farmers have a decent family life on the farm while increasing soil health and water quality.

Benefits of clean blood and colon

  • Stronger immune system
  • More physical energy and stamina
  • Enhanced mental alertness & focus
  • Improved digestion and elimination
  • Relief from mood swings and fatigue
  • Clearer sinuses and relief from allergies
  • Ability to better handle stress
  • Improved skin, nails, and hair
  • More refreshing sleep

The Weston A. Price Foundation has more information on this subject.

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