Dayton Ohio Free Range Organic Turkey

Turkey Products:

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Ground Bulk- Unseasoned, Cheddar & Bacon, Dill, Pesto

Breast – skinless, boneless


Whole or half turkeys are available each year in November, just in time for Thanksgiving. Orders taken throughout the year. Place your order today.


Questions to ask when buying turkey

1. A turkey eats over 16 lb. of feed in its life. Was this feed (“clean”) free from herbicides, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMO), nitrates?

2. Was it raised on lush, chemical-free “green” pastures? What % of life was it pastured?

3. Did the bird have access to fresh air, insects and sunshine?

4. Was it fed antibiotics? hormones? preservatives? Arsenic for appetite stimulation?

5. Was it hand slaughtered using the Kosher method? Was a high-pressure chlorine spray used on the inner cavity? Was it irradiated? Why?

6. Was it fresh? Was it cold-aged? If frozen, how long?

7. Was it full of flavor and have good texture?

8. Was it locally produced?

9. Was it a good value?

10. Was it nutritious?

11. Was it SAFE?