Raw Milk


“Why Raw Milk???”

Watch and listen to the testimonies of numerous raw milk drinkers to hear why they decided to drink raw milk from grassfed cows.

WHY RAW MILK? DVD includes testimonies of 18+ families relating the benefits they have found with raw milk.

Highlights of the 33 minute video include the following

Testimony Topics:

Improved well being

Reduction of prescription drugs

Improved dental health

Lactose intolerance appears to be intolerance to processed milk

Benefits to severe Gillian-Barre Syndrome patient

Benefits to severe Lyme Disease patient

Also available:

The Untold Story of Raw Milk by Mark McAfee, Organic Dairy, CA

The Microbiology of Raw Milk, by Mark Gebhart, M.D. Wright State Medical School

Cholesterol Myths, by Wayne Feister, D.O.

Cost is $10 / DVD. Proceeds go to the OHIO RAW MILK DEFENSE FUND.

Mail check to Jim Roberts/3999 Honeybrook Ave/Dayton, OH 45415.

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Raw Truth Video

If you would like to donate to the making of the “Raw Truth” video please visit www.organicpastures.com and click on ‘health benefits.’ This film is a documentary on raw milk from grass fed cows. They are looking for funding because they do not want to hand over the options and distribution rights to a production company in exchange for financing in fear of it getting “shelved” for some reason, since so many people do not want this video made. They are also looking for for raw milk memorabilia from early in the last century, photos, magazines, ads- anything that shows how commonplace uncooked milk once was in our daily lives.