Questions to Ask When Buying Chicken

1. A chicken eats 16 lb. of feed in its life. Was this feed (“clean”) free from herbicides, pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMO), nitrates?

2. Was the chicken raised on lush, chemical-free pastures? what % of life was pastured?

3. Did the bird have access to fresh air, insects and sunshine?

4. Was it fed antibiotics? hormones? preservatives? Arsenic for appetite stimulation?

5. Was it fresh?

6. Was it full of flavor and have good texture? Did the egg stand-up well in the pan & have a deep yellow yolk?

7. Was it a good value? Was it nutritious? Was it SAFE?


Chicken Products:

Whole Chicken





Ground (Bulk & Patties)

Sweet Italian Ground

Greek Steaks (ground chicken patties with spinach, feta cheese & garlic)

Chicken Backs

Livers / Hearts

Chicken Feet