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Organic a way of LIFE!!

Harvesting Hay at EAT Food For Life FarmI am often asked what inspired us to transition our farm to organic. The answer is very simple “It was the right thing to do” Why? Because we have enough scientific documentation in our highly sophisticated world today to know that over 20,000 new cases of cancer each year are directly caused by agricultural chemicals. I believe that our nation is in a deep crisis of degenerative disease because we are in denial to this very basic simple truth. Unfortunately, many of us are only awakened to this reality when we experience sickness and disease for ourselves. I was born with a blood clotting disorder called hemophilia. It wasn’t until the mid 90s that I really started to suffer from the effects of drugs that I had been using to stop internal bleeding for over 20 years. It was by the grace of God that I then discovered that the answer to rebuilding and restoring my body lied in the quality of food I was eating. Pharmaceutical drugs may be helpful in treating symptoms of sickness and disease but will never address the causes of disease, namely weak, toxic cells in the body. Only whole, nutritious, safe, organic food can fulfill our potential in rebuilding at the cellular level. Once I discovered this truth and put it into practice I was on the road to recovery. However, I was only part of Gods plan in preparing to transition our farm. In 1998, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he had two options presented to him by the medical authorities, chemotherapy or surgery. I presented him with a third option of “improved diet and lifestyle practices” because of the success I experienced first hand with eating organic food & food supplements. Once again by the grace of God, Dad decided to start his journey of eliminating processed food from his diet, drinking carrot juice, eating whole organic foods, etc. and within a year drove his cancer into remission which has stayed in remission. As a result, Dad was open to transitioning the farm because the miracle we both received from God was not mysterious and spontaneous but rather rooted in natural law principles of experiencing the positive consequences of cooperating with natural (God’s) law. Many catholic and non-catholic health ministries in our country are now delivering the message that “eating is a moral act” emphasizing that miracles of healing and wholeness are offered to all people by seeking and consuming foods that are grown in accordance with natural law.

The secondary benefit of transitioning the farm to organic is that it allows us to be more economically sustainable if God is for us, who can be against?

Once we made this decision to move in a new direction we had to decide what certifying agency to partner with. Betty Kananen came highly recommended by a good friend of mine. He experienced a high level of service and integrity from GOA and now that I have had the opportunity to work with the GOA team, I thank God for giving me the discernment to choose them it was definitely the right thing to do!

Now, regarding what we are doing. We have two sources of income for our 140 acre farm. First, we raise traditional grains of corn, beans, hay, clover seed & wheat and now market them organically. Some of this is used to feed our small-scale poultry operation of about 300 layers, 1000 meat chickens and 200 turkeys. We primarily sell these products direct to consumers via our own farm store and community supported agriculture (CSA) with a small percentage going to local health food stores. We also have a few sheep and goats.

The second source of income is from nutritional consulting. I use a darkfield microscope in offering a live blood analysis service to analyze human blood to determine nutritional deficiencies and causes of health imbalances. It’s a very powerful tool in helping people discover the connection between the quality of their food and the quality of their health while understanding that the genesis of health begins with digestion and assimilation.

In conclusion, I believe that incorporating organic thinking into our family life really means understanding the value of wholeness because one of the definitions of organic is “all of it’s parts working together??. To the degree that we recognize and honor God’s gifts in creation, both people and creatures alike, is the degree that we can will experience the fullness of life. To us at E.A.T. Food for Life farms, organic is not just a way of farming… it’s a way of LIFE!

Dan Kremer